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February 2023 A Glossop Adventure

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

February's First Sunday is a bit different as we are venturing outside Greater Manchester for the first time. Please join me for the final iteration* of the People's Tour of Glossop on Sunday February 5th

More details and free tickets here.

I rarely ask people to book for First Sunday events but would really appreciate it if you could do so this time.


Please note as well George Street Community Bookshop will be opening specially for us between 1-2pm so please come early and find treasure!


I believe there are also a few places left on the walk this Saturday, 28th January if you cant make it - this is the version postponed cos of that pesky snow:


Please take care, and I hope to see you on the streets soon


Love and power


Morag xx

*for now at least, never say never,

January 2023 Wander Details

Dear friends and comrades in loitering

The First First Sunday wander of 2023 will take place this Sunday, 8th January (yes, I know that’s an interesting definition of “First Sunday” but sometimes time-slips).

Join me at 2pm, Piccadilly Gardens, near the metal memorial tree. We can excavate the remnants of Christmas, make and break resolutions and take steps to re-enchant the new year…..

As ever all are welcome, the direction and pace will be decided by the group according to our collective needs and desires. Our one rule is not to be an arse: to take care of and respect each other, ourselves and the spaces we walk through. We will finish around 4pm somewhere convivial for an optional beverage and blether. If you would like to join us remotely please contact me before 12 noon on Sunday and I will set up a whatsapp group or find another way to share our walks.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or need more information. I would particularly appreciate any suggestions for start points, themes or other ideas for future First Sunday.

Here’s my contact details:
twitter @thelrm
text/whatsapp 07974929589
facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”

If you tend to use the website for information about events please be aware I have been having a few issues with it so if updates don’t appear please do check those other ways

My heartfelt thanks as ever for all who loiter with me

Love and golden apples

Morag xx

PS more about Glossop, Engels and the Right to Roam events soon 

January 2023

Dear friends in loitering
I hope you are having a wonderful yuletide break, whatever it means to you.
Our First First Sunday of 2023 will be on Sunday 8th, not 1st January, more details to follow soon. If anyone has a yen for any particular meeting place or wander please do let me know.
There's a few other events that maybe of interest. In February (tbc depending on rail strikes and weather) First Sunday will probably be in Glossop for a special final version of the People's Tour created as part of my George Street Bookshop Residency because I know several loiterers wanted to attend previously - this will be in addition to the date rescheduled due to the treachery of ice.
There will also be a series of Engels in Manchester walks with the Working Class Movement Library, dates TBC register here:
Watch out as well for updates on the #OurIrwell Ralli Quays Towpath campaign and some more Right To Roam Cities events...
Thank you so much to everyone who loitered, bimbled, wandered, wondered, talked and posted this year and made The LRM such a special place
As ever please feel free to get in touch email twitter @thelrm or whatsapp / text 07974929589. We also have the facebook group "the loiterers resistance movement"
with love and golden apples and a better 2023
Morag xx

December 2022 First Sunday

It’s First Sunday this Sunday and so time again for an extraordinary stroll….

Meet The LRM under the tiled map at Victoria Station, Manchester, 2pm this Sunday 4th December. We shall wander at will for about 2 hours and then have a convivial beverage somewhere agreeable. 

As ever the direction and pace will be determined by loiterers and all are welcome as we explore our streets together. If you are interested in joining remotely via whatsapp please message 07974929589 by noon on Sunday.

There’s a couple of other events coming up this month which may be of interest.

The culmination of my residency at George Street Bookshop in Glossop will be The Peoples Tour of Glossop. It will take place twice:
Saturday 17th December 2-4pm and Wednesday 21st December 6-8pm with an Online Walk-Talk Tues 20th 6-8pm

Tickets are free, I will post the Eventbrite link as soon as I have it, More details here:

I’ve also been exploring the archives at the Working Class Movement Library to create a new wander around Engels in Manchester. The first event will be on December 10th but it will be repeated in the new year due to demand so you can register your interest here:

Finally we are hoping the fight to save the towpath at Ralli Quays will be won soon but we aren’t quite there yet. The right to roam is a vital one and is as important in our towns and cities as it is in the countryside. I have been working with other campaigners on issues beyond GM – if you are interested please do get in touch. More on that in the new year…

For more information about any of the above please contact

I hope to see you on the streets soon

With love and golden apples

Morag x

November 2022 First Sunday and Glossop News

It’s First Sunday, This Sunday and time for some post Hallowe’en tricks or treats. We’ll be focusing on finding the magical in the mundane from ghosts under the pavement to spirits in the air…..

Join us 2pm this Sunday 6th November in St Anne’s Square outside The Royal Exchange Theatre (as featured in Most Haunted which has to be true cos it’s on the telly). There may also be a few firework references too. As ever the pace and direction of the drift will be directed by participants and all are welcome to join us. We’ll finish somewhere for a convivial drink for all who wish to stay for some stories. If you would rather take part virtually please send a whatsapp message to 07974929589 by 12 noon on Sunday.

I am also pleased to share more details of my residency at George Street Community Bookshop. I will be producing a Peoples Tour of Glossop. The first event will be a talk “What is Psychogeography? An Introduction to Radical Walking”. It will be in Glossop and online at 5.30 on Thursday 10th November, tickets are free but limited due to space. Book here: There will be another talk “Walking Art and Literature” on the afternoon of November 12th. After this there will be a series of story collecting sessions before tours on the 17th, 20th and 21st December. Tickets for these will be available soon.

If you have any questions or comments or dreams of future wanders please get in touch, email, tweet @thelrm or text/whatsapp 07974929589

I hope to see you on the streets in Manchester, Glossop or somewhere else soon

With love and golden apples


PS the Ralli Quays fight goes on but we are very confident of a positive outcome, if you want to join the mailing list please get in touch for the latest news 

Ralli Quays Update

 Hi everyone

There has been some important progress regarding Ralli Quays and I am using this blog to share information as we do not have a dedicated webpage. For more information please email tweet @thelrm or text/whatsapp 07974929589

People who wrote to the DFT to object to the stopping up order recieved an email this week from The DFT caseworker saying 

"The applicant has now advised of their intention not to stop up the whole of the towpath, but reduce the stopping up to only the areas shaded in orange on the revised plan.  This is to provide structural columns in relation to the development.  The revised plan also shows the applicant’s intention to realign and regularise the shape of the towpath. I would therefore be grateful if you could review the attached documents and confirm if this changes the position regarding your objection.  If your objection can be withdrawn, please let me know. Alternatively if your objection remains, please confirm this, stating your reasons.  A response by 13 October 2022 would be appreciated, after which the Secretary of State will decide how best to proceed." (if you want the plans or original email please get in touch

As you may know #OurIrwell, and in particular Steven and I have been in regular contact with the developers over the last few weeks. They had been very keen to engage and we were feeling very positive but were awaiting more detail proposals. Therefore the DFT email took us a bit by surprise. 

Here is our most recent email from the Developers, Legal and General, received on Wednesday and shared here with permission (email contact removed at their request) 

"Would Friday the 7th 10.00-11.00am work for a Teams meeting to run through the design of the lower towpath. A meeting wasn’t organised as the detailed design of the towpath is still underway as we have not yet completed the Stage 3 design for the project. The revised stopping up process has moved much quicker than anticipated. Hopefully by the 7th Oct our architects should have enough to show you on the design. I think that it is unlikely that the final design will be available by the 13th October and will be subject to further design during Stage 4 design which will run through until spring next year. There are really two separate issues here:

  1. Are people happy with the revised proposals to change the shape of the area over which public rights are secured as shown in the revised stopping up plan SK 503. This shows that the yellow and hatched areas will have public rights over them Secured in the new S106 Agreement with the areas to be stopped up now limited to the buildings columns coloured orange. Given that the revised area for public access is the same size as we cannot diminish the floodplain I would hope this can be agreed. If people are happy with the revised layout then hopefully they could withdraw their objections to the stopping up as suitable public rights would be secured  following construction of the project. That leaves us with the 2nd issue – design which is a bit more tricky.
  2. I have attached 3 views and a drawing of the new access stair which I received  2 days ago. I have asked the architects to prepare some further views looking the other way for the meeting. Now that public access will be permitted we need to develop revised lighting designs etc which are being worked upon. With public access permitted at all times it is now important that the finishes and lighting are appropriate to ensure we create a safe attractive environment. What we will be able to show on the 7th is the design intent for the area as opposed to the final signed off design. Hopefully you can see from the initial information we are intending to create an attractive safe environment.

Given that the final design won’t be completed until sometime after the 13th of October then L&G has to find a way of getting the objectors comfortable that L&G will do the right thing in terms of the design so that in a way they trust us enough on our design commitment to withdraw the objections otherwise we will end up at an enquiry on the stopping up needlessly. So apart from just trusting us – maybe the following ideas may give greater comfort.

As the S106 is going back to committee we would be happy to have a provision in the S106 to submit full design details in due course that would need to be signed off by the Council. That obligation probably already exists under the existing resolution which contains an approval mechanism for materials etc.

I would also be happy to make a commitment in an open letter (with the design as it stands at that date) that could be circulated to objectors that we will keep you updated on design development and would consult with you during the process and have regard to your comments.

Ultimately we would want to create an environment on the towpath that everyone is happy with and by dialogue have achieved a positive outcome.

Could you let me have your thoughts on the above and confirm whether the proposed date / time is ok. We would also be happy for other to join that meeting at which EPR will present the design as it stands. Lee is our planning consultant and can probably comment on what mechanisms could be used to ensure we live up to our commitment on design."


Please get in touch if you have any comments on the above or want to see the images (I cant share them on this website obvs) email

Please also contact me if you want to attend the Teams meeting on Friday morning  so we can send a link. Potentially if there are lots of us we may need to think through how to manage the time effectively. This will NOT be the only chance to comment 

Don't withdraw your objection yet! I've contacted The DFT re the timeline and will clarify more later. We all hope to avoid the time, money and risk of a public inquiry but need to be sure we have truly saved the public right of way

Thank you so much for all your support everyone

With love and power
Morag xx

PS If you need a reminder of why we are fighting these Guardian articles give good background

I;ve also just been sent this and we will be asking Salford Council to delay a decision until next month to give us a fair chance


October 2022 First Sunday

Hooray! Its First Sunday this Sunday and so time for a communal wander.

We will be exploring some of our favourite subjects: rivers, regeneration and play in our city. However the plan for this month is slightly different to most loiters because we know the end point…

We will meet 2pm on October 2nd at Deansgate Square. I will be sat somewhere on the plaza looking out onto the River Medlock. We will then follow part of the river through other new developments that have transformed its banks – from Deansgate Square we will head to Circle Square and then over to the new Mayfield Park. All three sites have both increased and restricted access through the paradox of public / private places and I am sure this will be one of many subjects under discussion. I’m especially looking forward to exploring Mayfield as last time The LRM visited it was under construction and more green space is always welcome.

If you wish to join us virtually for a watery wander in cyberspace please find a map of The Medlock – or a river of your choosing – and follow it wherever you are. You can share images and chat on our live whatsapp group that will be set up specifically for this walk. To join it please send a message to 07974929589 including your name, phone number and international code if you are outside the UK. Alternatively you can share on twitter @thelrm #Medlock

As ever our events are free and open to anyone. Our pace will be determined by the group but I anticipate we will be out for around 2 hours. If you have any questions or specific access requirements please feel free to contact me

I hope to see you on the streets soon

With love and golden apples


First Sunday September and Ralli Quays update

First Sunday this Sunday and we are meeting for a wander 2pm outside Salford Central station

There is also a public meeting for anyone interested in the Ralli Quays towpath campaign. This is Wednesday 7th September 6.30 at 53two
Here's some press coverage of the campaign: I am feeling very positive indeed

All welcome to both - as ever all events are free, and if you need more information please email tweet @thelrm or text / whatsapp 07974929589 xxx

Save Access to Our River Irwell: Important Update

Hi everyone,
A bit more info about the fight to stop enclosure of the Irwell towpath which you may have heard about (TL;DR - we dont think it's right to steal a right of way and divert it through a hotel. We need more public access and active travel cos green and blue space is good for all of us)
Zoom meeting today – 17th August – 6pm BST
please message me for the meeting code/password. This won’t be the only conversation; we want to be as open and accessible as we can, ideas v welcome
SOS we are fighting to save this Right of Way along the River Irwell at Ralli Quays. Planning Permission has been given to close the path and divert the path through a hotel lobby (!) which will not be fully accessible to the public. The alternative route (Stanley Street) is not adjacent to the river and is permissive only ie could also be taken away
We lost the planning committee meeting BUT the fight is not over. We have learnt permission has not been fully granted yet as Salford Council are negotiating with the developers re their Section 106 contribution (ie the stuff they will do for the community). More importantly the power to close a right of way lies with The Department of Transport (DFT) and they have NOT granted a Stopping Up Order yet; they can’t because of the above and we are hopeful we can win if there is enough support for a public inquiry when the Stopping Up request is triggered
Why does this matter?
The Principle: Who, and what, is The Irwell for? We don’t think public land should be enclosed for private profit. Rights of Way are our Rights.
The Potential: We loose the opportunity of a better, longer walk along the river from the city centre to Salford Quays and maybe even beyond to Liverpool.
The Place: The Irwell is an important part of our Industrial Heritage. It provides respite from the city, green and blue spaces are vital for our health and well being. We need to protect our environment, promote sustainability including active travel.
NB We do NOT oppose the development in general, but we want it to be amended so there is no need to remove the public right of way
What can you do?
1. If you live in Salford, particularly Blackfriars and Trinity please write to your councillors and MP letting them know you value this towpath and ask them to advocate for a Section106 that maintains a fully accessible riverside right ot way. The Planning App ref is Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford (planning application 21/78277/FUL) Find your Cllr here:
2. If you wrote to the Department of Transport to object to the Stopping Up Order please can you let me know so we have evidence of support. The order is on hold at the moment so we are waiting to see what happens next. We are asking for a public inquiry if the Order is not withdrawn. Ref is Ralli Quays Salford (NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804) email
3. Show the area some love. Please let us know if you value the benches, towpath, river. We are up for any creative ideas too (but please, obviously take care of the water). Thanks to Steven Lindsay for excellent work clearing the path #OurIrwell
4. Watch this space for updates – when we hear from the DFT we may need to act quickly. You can email me and dms are open. Any ideas, information, support welcome
More info:
Please share with anyone who might be interested
love and power

August 2022 First Sunday

Dear friends and loiterers

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday and I am really looking forward to wandering together again. There has been some talk of revisiting Angel Meadow to explore changes since our last visit so let’s meet on the corner of Angel Street and Style Street at 2pm on Sunday 7th August. If you would prefer to explore wherever you are and connect remotely via whatsapp please let me know by noon on Sunday and I can add you to the group.

For more information as ever please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
twitter @thelrm
Text / sms 07974929589

Take care and I hope to see you on the streets soon

With love and golden apples

Morag x

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