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CFP: Beyond The Pedestrian, Liverpool 26th July

Hello everyone,
I hope this is of interest, please feel free to share and get in touch if you have any questions

Best wishes


Beyond The Pedestrian: Walking in Research, Theory, Practice and Performance

26th July 2018
Dept of Geography and Planning, The University of Liverpool

Keynote: Prof. Dee Heddon,University of Glasgow

A one-day interdisciplinary event focused on walking research, practice and culture. Our definition of walking is welcoming to all kinds of bodies and includes orthotics, sticks, wheels and other assistive technologies. This symposium is open to students, academics and anyone else interested in exploring the more than pedestrian. We invite proposals for 20 minute paper presentations, but are also open to creative and innovative methods. We are also interested in facilitating a small number of walks. Subjects covered may include, but are not limited to:

  • Walking interviews and other pedestrian research tools
  • Creative walking, walking art and pedestrian performance
  • Past, present and future psychogeographies
  • Walking to critically engage with and understand our environment
  • Walking as a political, activist or community building tool
  • Ethical conflicts, barriers, issues and debates around walking research
  • Access, participation and the privilege of walking as choice
  • Research into, and around, pedestrian policy, planning and promotion
  • Walking across and between academic disciplines
  • Walking for leisure, education, health, tourism or exploration

This event will be free to attend thanks to support from the Power, Space and Cultural Change Research Group.

Please submit abstracts of around 250 words to Dr Morag Rose by 5pm Friday 22nd June 2018. Include a title, your contact details and a brief biographical note. General booking details will be available soon, in the meantime please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

May 2018: A Spectacular Derive

Hello dear friends and fellow loiterers

First Sunday, This Sunday and it’s time for an almost May Day Derive.

Please join us for a communal wander on Sunday 6th May; everyone is welcome and as ever First Sunday is free for all because the streets belong to everyone. We’ll be commemorating Paris, 19681 in a typically low-fi and meandering fashion. Our relationship to the SI2 is not uncritical3, but they had some amazing ideas (and excellent slogans4) which still resonate and as psychogeographers it feels remiss to not celebrate this anniversary somehow. Therefore, we will be gathering at 2pm by the sign that says The Left Bank (Spinningfields, not The Seine; yes we know).  We will tracing a route using maps of Paris to look for ghosts, echoes, traces, contradictions and spectres of the spectacle. We’ll be off by 2.10 so please try and be on time; what hope for a revolution if we can’t get organised eh? If you want more details, or fancy joining us for a simultaneous walk using the same maps feel free to get in touch via the facebook group or by email you can also contact The LRM hotline on 079 749 29589 but be aware once the walk starts you will have to use your initiative to find us if you are late.

There’s a treasury of other opportunities for creative walking happening this month, and as ever we want to show support to kindreds everywhere. Collaboration is key to the loiterers way so please feel free to share information with us:

Not Quite Light Festival (including a twilight walk with me)

Jane's Walks happening all over the world this weekend

Decolonising Cartography in New York (oh how I wish I could be there)

Blake Morris is walking Tom Hall’s City Centre on May 12th as part of A Wander is not a Slog  The walk asks participants to walk out of their city centre and back into it again and can be adapted to any kind of location: rural, urban, suburban or something not exactly any of those. Blake is calling for people to join in wherever they are and we reckon that will be a great walk

The Call for participation in the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography is now out

There’s still a few free tickets left to see Jeff Noon at Home, and its not a walk but I know his Manchester visions have inspired many loiterers

And finally, unpsychogeographic but deeply wonderful and living solidarity it’s the May Day Festival of Solidarity this weekend and its going to be brilliant:

I hope to see you on the streets soon

Love and golden apples

Morag x

Footnotes (I can’t believe this is the first time I have used them for a First Sunday invite)
Some background reading, not in anyway necessary prep for joining us but useful if you are curious. If anyone wants more I’m happy to talk about this for hours….

1: An introduction to the SI actions and Paris, May 1968: and
2: A much more comprehensive SI archive
3: Lets have a walk, a talk and / or a brew if we haven’t had this conversation yet
4: May 1968 graffiti: which is your favourite and what are they now advertising?

April First Sunday

Hello everyone

Delighted that spring seems to be finally springing and hoping this Sunday will be a memorable loiter. First Sunday coincides with both April Fools Day and Easter Sunday; have yet to decide what form our wander will take so if anyone has any thoughts do please let me know. I do however have a starting point: 2pm by the giant bike outside Deansgate station. As ever all our welcome to join us, we'll walk for about 2 hours in a direction decided collectively and then find somewhere to sit and share stories.

I hope to see you on the streets soon

Love and golden apples

Morag xx

March 4th 2018 First Sunday Shennanigans

Hello dear loiterers

With apologies for the late notice of March’s First Sunday derive…

Of course we won’t let something as dull as the weather deter us from a communal derive, although mutable as we are we may change shape…. We will be gathering at 3PM tomorrow (note slightly unusual time) at The Britons Protection for a wander in various dimensions; imaginary, physical and perhaps, if you wander in the right direction, spaces in between.

Because we love music as much as wandering we have a few non-psychogeographical notes for you.

Our friend and inspiration LoneLady has created #scrubtransmission, and I believe there is still time to complete an expedition: map and inspirational creativity here:

Next Thursday its my annual gig shenanigans, always very special and loiterers always welcome, please join the wonderful Hannah Aldridge and Quiet Loner at the Castle, tickets here

Finally, if you fancy a treat on Sunday after the derive The Handsome Family are at Academy 3, I will be there because, well, they are my favourite band

Hope to see you for a wander and a wiggle soon, in the meantime keep warm and wonderful


Morag xx

First Sunday This Sunday

Blimey! Its that special time again... Its First Sunday this Sunday and wanderers of all flavours are welcome to assemble 2pm February 4th Cutting Room Square, Ancoats for a convivial, creative walk. Come + experience The LRM way

CFP: RGS-IGB 2018 Desire Lines, Dawdles and Drifts: Walking Together as Research Tool

Call for participation at the RGS-IGB 2018 Conference, Cardiff, 28th-31st August 2018
Desire Lines, Dawdles and Drifts: Walking Together As Research Tool
Sponsored by Participatory Geographies Research Group (PyGyRg)
There is a growing body of geographical research that uses walking together as a research, teaching and learning tool. For example, Bates and Rhys-Taylor (2017), Warren (2016) and Evans and Jones (2011) all demonstrate various ways walking can help break down hierarchies and encourage rich conversations about the environment. Wider bodies of work on walking art and psychogeography indicate methods that are playful, subversive, multi-sensory, interdisciplinary, fluid and performative (Smith, 2015, Richardson, 2015 and The Walking Artists Network online).  This call is for anyone who uses – or who would like to use - walking as a way to explore, critically engage with, and understand space and place.
PyGyRg are sponsoring two sessions on pedestrian methods at The RGS-IGB conference 2018. The first is a conventional paper session which offers a chance to share research and be inspired by the potential of pedestrian methods. Contributions are invited from anyone using walking as a research tool in their work. This could include (but is not limited to)‚Äč:
• How walking methods critically engage with and interrogate the environment
• Innovations, issues and debates around walking methodologies
• Contemporary psychogeographies and their relationship to the academy
• Activist, community and creative walking and mapping practice
• Walking pedagogy, its benefits, risks and ethics
The second session aims to put theory into practice with an exploration of the landscape around the conference centre. Walking artists, activists and academics are invited to provide prompts for creative walking to be used by small groups. They will to go for an autonomous wander at their own pace and after an hour or so will reconvene to share field-notes and experiences. This is actively participatory geography and our walking includes sticks, wheels, orthotics and other mobility aids. We want these sessions to be accessible and welcoming to anyone who wishes to join in and will strive to facilitate an inclusive and diverse conference experience.
Please send an abstract of around 250 words to Morag Rose, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, The University of Sheffield by 12 noon, Wednesday 14th February 2018. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments or need more information. I would appreciate if you could forward this call for participation to anyone who you feel may be interested. Details about the conference can be found here:
Bates, C., & Rhys-Taylor, A. (eds) (2017). Walking through social research. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
Evans, J., & Jones, P. (2011). The walking interview: methodology, mobility and place. Applied Geography, 31(2), 849–858.  doi: 10.1016/j.apgeog.2010.09.005
Participatory Geographies Research Group (PyGyRG)
Richardson, T. (Ed.). (2015). Walking inside out: contemporary British psychogeography. London, UK: Rowman and Littlefield International
Smith, P. (2015). Walking’s new movement. Charmouth, UK: Triarchy Press
Warren, S. (2016). Pluralising the walking interview: researching (im)mobilities with Muslim women. Social & Cultural Geography, 1–22. doi: 10.1080/14649365.2016.1228113
Walking Artist’s Network

First First Sunday of 2018

Dear friends and fellow loiterers
Its First Sunday, This Sunday and the start of another year of First Sunday explorations. Everyone is welcome to join us for a wander as we use creative walking and psychogeography to connect with Manchester in new and interesting ways. 
This month we will be meeting at Albert Square, near the entrance to the Town Hall, at 2pm on Sunday, 7th January.  Our exploration will be twofold as we search for remnants of past festivities and portents for future events. I can’t predict the direction our walk will take as we won’t be following a prescribed route so please try and be prompt as otherwise I can’t promise you will be able to find us! Generally we play out for around two hours and will finish somewhere warm for a drink and discussion about what we have discovered.
There’s some exciting stuff planned for The LRM in 2018, including a very special new performance walk, trips out of the city centre as suggested by members, and a few surprises. We’d also like to renew our invitation for folk to facilitate First Sundays. If you have any thoughts on walks you would like to make happen we would love to walk with you (but please remember this is not a local history group and we don’t want traditional tours, however well done they maybe).
If you need any more information or have any questions, comments or ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either leave a comment below or email
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018
With love and golden apples
Morag xx

December Derive 2017

Dear friends and fellow wanderers

apologies for the late notice but its first sunday tomorrow. we will be meeting 2pm outside Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, for a wintery wander and all our welcome to join us

thanks for another year of inspiring explorations xx

November Derive

Remember, remember the fifth of November.... its a First Sunday this year and we'll be almost following the semi fictional footsteps of Guy Fawkes by exploring Salford Quays. We'll aim to get to Harbour City Tram Stop at 2pm (will wait till about 2.15 before we move on because public transport!). If you want to travel with other loiterers we will get the first tram after 1.30 from St Peters Square. All very welcome, please note the email on our website isnt working so if you have any questions or need to get in touch please do so here or email Cheers x

October wanders

Friday the 13th derive... please meet us tomorrow 6pm outside urbis / the football museum for a wander. All welcome, and as always the walk will be a free, autonomous and self determined drift, provocing new ways to feel the city. Hope to see you there. will be back to actual First Sunday in November, cheers M x

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