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Augusts First Sunday

August 3, 2017

First Sunday, This Sunday and because its a year since Loitering With Intent (!) we will be retracing our footsteps to see what has changed*

Meet us 2pm outside People's History Museum Sunday 6th August. I wholeheartedly suggest getting there earlier for a look round, we will be off by 2.10. All welcome, and because the streets belong to everyone it is of course free. Issues around public/private space in Spinningfields means the rhetoric is not strictly true of course, but is nothing to stop folk wandering, wondering and chatting with us. Incidentally it is very clear photography is also "allowed" by CityCo; doubtless this will be discussed further at some point.

Anyway, please join us for some convivial, enlightening and legal psychogeographical mooching. If you need any more information please just ask

*OK: its a derive and we didn't record our exact route, we will however start and finish in the same place and see what feels different in between

July First Sunday and a Musical Treat

June 29, 2017

Its First Sunday, this Sunday and we’ve listened to calls to get out of the city so this month we are embarking on a psychogeographical adventure in Stockport.

We’ll start in Mersey Square at 2pm, Sunday 2nd July, and aim to be off deriving by 2.15. I’m going to get the most magic of all Manchester buses, the 192, and will get the first one to leave Manchester Picccadilly after 1.30. I appreciate the vagaries of public transport but hopefully this will work…. If anyone cant find me please feel free to get in touch 07974929589 (or as ever, in advance of the walk or @thelrm)

The derive will last about 2 hours and we’ll find somewhere for a convivial drink afterwards before heading home. Here’s a bit of inspiration from Christian Nolds marvellous emotion map: was delighted to feature this in last years exhibition at Peoples History Museum

I’m also really delighted to be hosting a very special gig this month, Chris Miils, one of my favourite musicians playing is an exclusive Northern gig with superb support from Sophia Marshall and good friend of the loiterers @quiet loner. It would be wonderful to see you there. Tickets are here:

Hope to see you soon,

Love and golden apples


June 2017 First Sunday

June 2, 2017

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

Apologies for late notice about this months loiter. It seems to be more important than ever to celebrate creative wandering and the poetry of the streets but I’ve been a little lost about where to go. I trust we will find a way together so please join me for a derive this Sunday, 4th June, 2pm starting at the Touchstone sculpture outside The Bridgewater Hall. We will be thinking about what Manchester means, and how our footsteps can (re)imagine it as we explore. Companion bees may accompany us and act as guides and we will finish somewhere with a convivial atmosphere to share stories and daydreams. As ever, all welcome to join us; loitering is free and open because we believe the streets and their stories belong to us all. It would be wonderful to see you, but as I don’t know where we will be going please try to be punctual. If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch via facebook, twitter @thelrm or text our hotline 07974929589

With love


PS If anyone fancies a trip to Sheffield the Showroom Cinema have a special screening of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City. I’m on the post film panel and it would be lovely to see some friendly faces (I’ll be getting the train back to Manchester afterwards)

May First Sunday

May 4, 2017

First Sunday This Sunday and its May so everything is springing…. We’re meeting 2pm on Sunday 7th May outside the main entrance to Piccadilly Train Station for our traditional derive. (Station Approach with the shops on it NOT Fairfield Street). For more details please feel free to get in touch

PS not strictly psychogeographic but If you happen to fancy hearing me talk in London you can find me on Saturday at Haringey Walking Fair Plus we love Jane Jacobs and there are Jane’s walks happening in many different places this weekend


April First Sunday

March 30, 2017
FIRST SUNDAY THIS SUNDAY so its time for our monthly communal derive. We'll start 2pm at the memorial tree in Piccadilly Gardens and, in a first for us, the wander is inspired by last months wander.
We will be guided by an improved playing card method as it was so interesting the first time but several tweaks were suggested and have been incorporated...evolution in action on the streets! Fingers crossed this glorious Spring surge remains. As ever anyone and everyone is welcome and it is free to loiter. Please try to be on time as I can't promise you will be able to find us once we are walking as I have no idea where we are going!
Feel free to holler if you need more information - email @thelrm or call/ text 07974929589 We may be officially award winning now but each month is a new exploration and a unique map made by us as we find our way through the ever changing city x

March 1st Sunday and a Call for Conference Papers

March 3, 2017

Dear friends and fellow wanderers

Spring is finally Springing and we will be meeting for our March derive this Sunday, 5th March, starting 2pm at the Albert Memorial, Albert Square Manchester. All welcome for a free communal wander with friendly folk interested in exploring our city with a critical mind and a curious heart. 

In addition, I would like to share this call for papers for a conference session I am convening. 

Call for papers for a panel at the RC21 conference in Leeds 11-13th September
More Than Pedestrian: Psychogeography, Creative Walking and Spatial Justice
It is sixty years since Debord wrote The Theory of The Dérive, and psychogeography has evolved in many different artistic, activist and academic directions, often at an apparent loss of its political intentions. However many recent practitioners have been using walking as way to interrogate, destabilise and affectively remap space. Many now recognise that there is an emerging “new psychogeography” identified by Richardson (2015) as being, amongst other things, heterogeneous, critical, strategic, and somatic. This richness and diversity is embodied in members of the Walking Artists Network. They exhibit a wealth of contemporary creative walking, much of which is at least in part inspired by psychogeography. This suggests the dérive has the potential to transform the everyday, to illuminate and challenge narratives of privatisation, commodification and securitisation of space, and navigate increasingly blurred boundaries between public/private. This session aims to explore what the theory and practice of psychogeography and creative walking can offer Urban Studies.
This call is for panellists offering papers on the following areas of walking practice and psychogeography:
• How psychogeography and creative walking practices can engage with and interrogate the urban environment
• New interpretations of Situtationist ideas
• Innovations, issues and debates around creative walking methodologies
• Issues of urban spatial injustice highlighted via imaginary, temporary and mobile spaces
• Activist, community and radical mapping practices
The presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion and questions from the audience. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the subject we are very open to presenters who have audio visual material or unconventional presentation methods.
Abstracts should include:
1 The focus:Themes, underlying hypothesis, empirical and/or theoretical basis, structure of the paper,
2  Word count: 300-500 words.
3  The contact of the author(s): Name(s), affiliation(s), address (including postcode), a phone number (will not be made public) and an e-mail address
4 Details of the session to which the abstract is submitted: session title, session number and session convenors.
Please send abstracts to both Morag Rose, The University of Sheffield and the conference organisers Deadline 10th March 2017
More about the conference here: and please do contact me if you have any questions or comments.

February 2017 First Sunday

February 3, 2017

Its First Sunday, This Sunday and time for our regular communal derive. This month we will start at 2pm 5th February outside Manchester Craft and Design Centre, Oak street.

We will be embarking on a deep psychogeographical study of space so please bring a pen, pencil or some other writing implement* and an open mind. All welcome to wander and wonder with us

*There will not be an exam and no revision is needed, we don't care what language you use or how scruffy your writin...g is. Hope you can come out and play x

PS the nature of the drift means we might not be easy to find for latecomers but we will be on the streets for about two hours. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments, you can post here or twitter @thelrm or email

2017 First Sunday

January 5, 2017

Hi everyone, heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported The LRM in 2016 in so many ways, especially during Loitering With Intent. The best, of course, is still to come and I can see some marvellous adventures on the horizon....

It’s time for the first First Sunday of 2017, and in typical contrary style we have played with time so that it actually happens on Sunday 7th January.

We will be setting our intentions for another year of creative communal walking and will set off at... 2pm from the Vimto statue on Granby Row. The location is significant as it looks set to be the site of yet another battle for space in the city.

We will base this months wander this month on a combination of a classic dérive tactic and something new and rather fantastical as we gently remind everyone psychogeography does not mean local history. We will focus instead on creating the city of our dreams with every step we take.... As ever our bimble will be free, open to everyone, and finish somewhere warm for a beverage and chance to exchange travellers tales.

It would be wonderful to see you on the streets with us, and I wish you many inspiring and happy wanders in the coming year. If you have any questions or want to learn more please don’t hesitate to get in touch via facebook, twitter @thelrm or email

with love, power and golden apples
Morag x

January 2017 First Sunday & surveys for friends

December 29, 2016

Hi everyone, quick reminder First Sunday will actually be on Second Sunday in January, ie on the 8th. Details soon. In the meantime some friends of The LRM have surveys you may wish to contribute to (both posted before, but deadlines now looming):

Mayfield Imaginarium Forum

Gmcvo Ardwick Heritage Project…

Cheers Morag x

A Sunday Treat: The LoneLady Treasure Hunt recap

December 11, 2016

This has been a truly remarkable year for Loitering and one of my personal highlights was the thrill of collaborating with the wonderful LoneLady on The Psychogeographical Sat Nav. You can hear The Street is Your Playground (LRM Mix) A Psychogeographical Sat Nav by LoneLady featuring The LRM on Soundcloud here 

I am somewhat discombobulated that there are still SIX copies of the ten inch single unclaimed, as the treasure hunt may have been a bit trickier than I imagined. Below is an update on which tokens have been found and where (which may help understand my thought process a bit). No more clues because, well, its all in the clue.

1  "We used to play here when it was still a real field. Bingo Jesus watched over a place of parties, protest and sanctuary as we waiting for the spaceships to arrive"  NOT FOUND

2 “That isn’t a meteorite but I can see dolphins” FOUND by Paul Hazelhurst on Ardwick Green

3  "This was a Stella Bench to go bushing" NOT FOUND
4  "Sous les paves, la plage  Sous la plage, le jeton!"  LOST This was on the floor at People’s History Museum, beneath the shelf with an installation labelled (and illustrating) the Situationist slogan “Sous Les Paves, La Plage” or “Under the Pavement, The Beach” It had to be taken out when the exhibition closed, we have yet to decide what to do with unclaimed records

5  "We were born near this island, but fire, flood and the escalating cost of a pint mean we can never go home" NOT FOUND
6  "Take a peep into time"  FOUND by Nick Dunn in Ancoats near one of Dan Dubowitz’s Peeps 

7  "Chtcheglov says you'll never see the building, it doesn't exist, but the geese opposite disagree. They have never been bored in the city" NOT FOUND

8  "get wisdom and with all thy wisdom get understanding. Next door you can make some noise so get between the covers with our Folk" NOT FOUND

9  “Ella Ella Ella eh eh. It’s a right of way” NOT FOUND

10  “Shhhh, The city has dreams, memories, hopes, secrets. Sometimes they take shape. Remember the Princess of Hearts and the people's struggle against slavery (it ain't over yet)” FOUND by Hannah Berry in the Princess Diana Memorial, Lincoln Square

NB I have not retraced my footsteps so can only assume tokens are where I left them, the rules of the game are here:!

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