The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Forthcoming Events

The LRM believe psychogeography is more than a theory it is a practice and we need to take it to the streets…

First Sunday Derives with The LRM

On the First Sunday of every month we organise some kind of public derive, or drift. This is a way of walking across the city which ignores normal conventions of going from A to B. Instead your route is guided by playfulness, feeling and instinct. A variety of methods can be used to shape a wander and our explorations are different every time. The direction is shaped by whoever turns up on the day, but you can be sure of a warm welcome and a convivial atmosphere where we end up. We usually finish somewhere for a drink and a blether so we can swap travellers tales. All welcome, no need to book, and always free.


September 2017 brings a bumper crop of psychogeographical shenanigans.

For First Sunday, This Sunday we’ll be embarking on one of our occasional twilight wanders. Meet us at the Engels statue in Tony Wilson Place at 7pm on Sunday 4th September (and yes that probably is the most absurd sounding address within the peoples republic of Mancunia).

The following week we’ll be off exploring Yorkshire. The 4th World Congress of Psychogeographers is meeting again in Huddersfield 8-10th September and their details are here: Proving we are crap Situationists as ever we send convivial greetings and respect to all flavours of psychogeography. I’m blethering on the Friday and enjoying other folks ideas the rest of the time

Tuesday 12th September I’ve convened a series of papers “More Than Pedestrian: Pyschogeographies, Creative Walking and Spatial Justice” as part of the RC21 Rethinking Global Urban Justice Conference at Leeds University. If you’ve not registered for the conference but would like to come to these sessions please let me know because you should be able to drop in. I’m really excited by the variety and quality of speakers. Here’s the programme:

38.1  9:00 - 10:45 Traversing Histories
Walking the Debris Field of the Halifax Explosion  - Barbara Lounde 
Psychogeography’s Other Genesis: Asger Jorn’s Anti-Euclidean Geometry and the Science of Space - Christopher Collier
Displacement Activities: A translocational approach to transgressive heritage  - Simon Bradley Artists mapping cities: The influence of the SI in contemporary practices  Gloria Lanci

11.15 -1.00pm The Art of Walking
A Different Line Made by Walking – Ian Trowell
Reimagining place: Creative Walking, Writing and Reading – Sonia Overall
Diversions: Being a Pedestrian in London – Jan van Duppen
[25] Pockets of [….] an interpersonal derive – Victor Buehring

14.00 – 15.45 Beyond Desire Lines
Entangled Narratives, Concernful Dealings: Bringing Leeds Terminalia to Osaka through Creative Walking  - Gareth Morris Jones, Tim WatersHipsters Explained With Cultural Materialism: A New Psychogeographical Approach to Urban Subcultural Legacies - David Wilkinson 
How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Precarious Facebook, Queer Derive and Austerity-age Horror - Alexandros Papadopoulos 
The Female Cairene Walker: Everyday Radical Remapping of City and Body - Sara Fakhry Ismail

​As ever it would be wonderful to see you, please get in touch if you need more information


Some Recent Past Events:

Loitering With Intent: The Art and Politics of Walking
July 23rd – October 14th 2016 at People's History Museum

To celebrate 10 years of playing out The LRM are holding a special exhibition at People’s History Museum.  The Community Gallery will be full of art by LRM members and friends from Manchester and beyond who are inspired by creative walking. There will also be archive material, short films, music and a programme of talks, walks, games and tools to take away to start your own explorations. From cake maps to CCTV bingo and DIY maps, from strolls across oceans to travels around toilets and the fight for the right to roam we demonstrate how the pedestrian becomes an artistic and political act. Join us for a very special exhibition that shows our pavements are full of stories,  adventures and new connections just waiting to be discovered. Please come and walk, play, wander and wonder with.  A full line-up of participating artists to be revealed soon. An introduction can be found here: and below is the events programme:

The Cake Map of Manchester
Saturday 23rd July 12 noon until the cake runs out

The Cake Map of Manchester invites you to take a bite out of the city, with each piece representing a place.  We want you to choose one to eat.  Is it somewhere special to you, are you consumed with love and what to keep it safe? Or is it somewhere you dislike and you want to get rid of it? Be a Godzilla and destroy your least favourite building!  Perhaps you just want to taste the canal without the risk of falling in. Please help us find the edible heart of our world. No booking required, but please be aware that when all the cake has been eaten the map will be gone

Loitering With Intent Launch Party
Saturday 23rd July at The Britons Protection 7pm (music from 8)

Please come and celebrate the opening of Loitering Intent with us in one of Manchester’s finest pubs. There will be live music from The New Seegers and friends playing Songs that changed the world. From the Beat Generation to the Woodstock Nation. “Glorious harmonies and tight, fresh arrangements”- Morning Star. Free and no need to book

Manchester Area Psychogeographic: Levitation, Explosions, Exposures
Sunday 24th July 2-4pm

Bob Dickinson, co-founder of Manchester Area Psychogeographic (MAP) talks about the history of Manchester’s first known psychogeographic group. For the first time in 20 years he will show slides taken during MAP’s derives and interventions. These include images taken during their examination of the site of the IRA bomb in Manchester soon after the explosion.
More information and free tickets available here

Drinking in The City
Tuesday 26th July 2016 2-4pm

This tour explores the impact alcohol has had on shaping the city. It will tell tales of lost pubs, prohibition, famous raconteurs, class struggles, romantic encounters and comedy encounters facilitated by booze. It will also uncover the dark side of the morning after and fears of public health. Manchester has a long and complicated relationship with the bottle and because this is an LRM tour expect our history to be permeable, participatory and opinionated.
Free tickets here

Manchester's LGBT Centre: We Were Born in the 80s With Emily Crompton
Saturday 6th August 2-4pm

This walking tour will tell the story of how Manchester became the first place to build an entirely publicly funded, purpose designed centre for the gay community, just as Thatcher’s government were enacting Section 28.  It follows the money, as it were, from the Town Hall to Canal Street and then to Sidney Street. The story is one of unlikely success in the face of the public funding landscape, some hostile political foes and an infamous 147 signature petition.
Free tickets here

Spatial Machines: Walking with GPS (with Chris Wood)
Saturday 13th August 12-4pm

More and more we are coming to rely on technology to know where we are and what is around us. Creating this kind of locative information relies on a massive infrastructure of satellites and ground based reference stations. How do these infrastructures see the world? You will walk around the city seeing how architecture and the built environment can disrupt GPS position and then reflect on the infrastructure’s potential for creating hybrid spaces combining terrestrial and extra-terrestrial lines of sight.
More details and free tickets here:

What is Psychogeography? Talk and gallery tour
Sunday 14th August 2-4pm

This talk and gallery tour will explore what psychogeography is and how wandering can be an artistic or political act. It maps walks from Paris 1968 to contemporary Manchester with deviations to discuss poets, punks, mystics and everyone who fought for our right to roam. Suitable for all ages but space is limited. Free tickets are available here:

Manchester Modernist Heroines Walk
Thursday 18th August 2-4pm

This walk celebrates the achievements of 10 inspirational women who shaped the twentieth century. From artists to aviatrixes, campaigners and designers, Their achievements, and complexities, are largely overlooked by the history books. In the absence of official monuments we will follow the traces they left behind and uncover their legacies. A collaboration between The LRM, Manchester Modernist Society and Shrieking Violet
More details and booking:

Walking, Touching, Lying A Walk With Mythogeographer Phil Smith
27th August 2-4pm

Mythogeographer Phil Smith will lead an exploration of the wounds, scars, infections, clues and symbols in the texture of the city’s surfaces. The walk will explore different viewpoint levels, how the surface can ripple and trip, and in what particular gutters to look for dust from Mars.
More details and booking:

First Sunday Derives with The LRM
Sunday 7th August, 4th September and 2nd October 2pm

On the First Sunday of every month The LRM go for a wander. Please join us for a game that will change how you experience the city. We will go for a walk guided by instructions designed to exercise your imagination and uncover secrets on the street. No need to book, just turn up. The walk start from inside The Peoples History Museum

We Shall Overcome on the Streets Part One with Quiet Loner
Sunday 11th September 2-4pm

A musical tour with Quiet Loner exploring radical history, the blurring of public private space, community action and much more. This walk was first performed as part of We Shall Overcome weekend 2015. WSO is pro community and anti-austerity, a raised fist and a helping hand. Together we will be wandering the boundary between public and private space, exploring radical histories, DIY culture, and public/private space.
Book tickets here: Free but please bring a donation for a local organisation (tinned or non perishable food, socks or sanitary items) – more details of what is needed will be sent to participants nearer the time.

Wandering Around The Toilet
Wednesday 15th September (walk 2-4pm, installation all day)

This tour will explore the history of spending a penny and how lack of public loos impacts on who can use the city. There will be tales of public health, gender inequality, the blurring of public and private space and the fight for fair access to the toilet. All day in the gallery you can meet members of the Around The Toilet Team, and see an installation designed by Architecture students at the University of Sheffield. The construction is based on the materials and design of public toilets to challenge assumptions and provoke a rethinking of issues of gender, ‘ability’, access, surveillance and the meanings of ‘public’ itself. Drop into the gallery all day and book free tickets for the walk here:

Shadow Play: Liberation and Exhilaration in the Mancunian Night with Nick Dunn
Saturday 17th September 7.30-9.30pm

Where now for the secret, the contemplative, the quiet and subterranean in our cities? The question may no longer be what spaces we wish to engage with but when are they? The nocturnal city is a place and time within which escape from the measures and restrictions of the daytime is possible. More specifically, it is a state of being. More information and free tickets here:

Democracy Outside! With Claire Bonetree
Saturday 24th September 2pm

Come and play politics in a piece of street theatre that invites you to have your say on some big issues. Whose streets? Our streets! Join us as we take over a corner of Manchester and play politics. Democracy Outside is an inclusive, interactive public performance about democracy: part street theatre & part political action, it blurs the boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘activism’. It will move you (if you're doing it right) – and it’s fun! Come prepared to play. No need to book, more information the location will be revealed the week before

Shared Energies: From Syracuse to Here with Moira Williams
Sunday 25th September 2-4pm

A walk linking us with Moira Williams, an artist based in Syracuse New York. We will follow maps of each others cities to find shared histories, synchronicities and friendships. Grab a balloon, grab a map and come along on a walk where we will explore the somewhat shared and connected industrial Revolution histories of land, waterways and activists between Syracuse, NY, USA and Manchester, England, UK. More details and free tickets here:

Walking on Film: Meet the filmmakers
Wednesday 28th September 3-5pm

This symposium brings together three film makers who have contributed to Loitering With Intent. They will each introduce a screening of their work and there will then be a discussion with questions and comments from the audience very much appreciated. More details of the film programme, and details of how to get your free tickets, will be posted soon

The Right to Roam in The City / An Urban Safari
Saturday 1st October 10am-1pm

Join veteran footpath campaigners Don Lee (The Open Spaces Society) and Gloria Gaffney (Pedestrians Association) and learn about the fight for the right to roam in the city. An informal conversation will introduce their campaigning work, and why they feel it is important. Then we will go on an urban safari through alleyways, ginnels and backwaters of the city. Several of these have been subject to controversial closure bids by landlords and / or Manchester City Council. More information and free tickets available here:

Get Lost in Liminal Space
Wednesday 5th October 2-4pm

A performative walk exploring thresholds, boundaries and in-between places across the city. Psychogeographers are often drawn to liminal spaces, but what actually does that mean and what do they look like? These are places of transgression, transformation, magick and entrapment. Our guide will make sure you are able to safely return from a trip that will include minor epiphanies, death, sex, music, special brew and complicating binaries. Expect a guided walk that is equal measures of performance, rant, tribute and tour. NB suitable for adults only More information and free tickets here:

We Shall Overcome on the Streets Part Two
Saturday 8th October noon-2pm

This all new tour has been created for We Shall Overcome 2016 and is a collaboration between The LRM and Quiet Loner. Together we will be wandering the boundary between public and private space, exploring radical histories, DIY culture, and public/private space. We will uncover the power structures and architecture of fear that works to keep us off the streets and share stories of resistance, solidarity and creative mischief. Expect a few ghost stories, dark humour and passionate ranting too. This is a rallying cry to know your streets and be proud of your community.
Book free tickets here (please bring a donation for a local foodbank, details tbc)

Invisible Cities – Literary Psychogeographies at Play with Alan Smith
Sunday 9th October 1-4pm

A brief exploration of literary psychogeography followed by a derive, during which, participants will apply techniques described in order to disrupt and reinvent the city of their imagination. The event will begin with a short description and history of literary psychogeography, taking in figures such as Iain Sinclair, Peter Ackroyd, Thomas DeQuincey, Charles Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin, William Blake, Arthur Machen, Edgar Allen Poe, Italo Calvino, Alan Moore and JG Ballard. We will then head off to explore the transformative power of the imagination to make the mundane magical. More information and free tickets here:

After Hours: Archive and Artist Books Show and Tell plus Curators Talk about The Art and Politics of Walking
Thursday 13th October 3pm – 7pm (talk at 6pm)

Peek behind the scenes of our exhibition Loitering With Intent. Walking is more than pedestrian. It can be a political and or artistic act. Travel through time and space to encounter heroes, villains, revolutionaries, artists, poets, philosophers, situationists, monsters and mystics. We will also discuss how the city has been shaped by transport and why Mancunians have fought for the right to wander our cities. Before the talk there is a chance to explore the exhibition with one of the curators and a unique opportunity to get close to zines, maps and artists books which add to the story.