The Loiterers Resistance Movement

September 2020 First Sunday

Hello everyone

It’s first Sunday, this Sunday and so time for some creative walking and convivial psychogeography. In Manchester local lockdown means a number of restrictions and I don’t want to limit or endanger the lovelies I can walk with. Therefore let’s continue to experiment with ways we can walk together, alone through technology.

This month we will be walking the future, or at least thinking, dreaming and wondering what it may be like. The walking prompts to guide our drift have been crowdsourced so thanks to everyone who has contributed (still room for more if you want to share a question, vision or way to walk). As everyone, all are welcome to join in, inside or outside. Here’s how:

I will start walking at 2pm BST Sunday 6th September for those who want a synchronised wander.

The whatsapp group will be the place for sharing as we walk at the same time with photographs and live chat, it’s a private group just for this event so if you want to be part of it please email with your number or send me an SMS or Whatsapp message to 07974929589 by 10am on Sunday

I’ll also post the derive instructions in other ways for you to adapt as you wish. They will be on facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement” and twitter @thelrm as well as the blog Derive reports can also be shared on facebook or twitter @thelrm #LRMfutures, I always love to see where everyone has gone and what you have discovered. If you have alternative tech needs please get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate.

This weekend’s wander coincides with the annual Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography. One of the positives of walking together alone is we are able to link up with friends and comrades all over the place and so I am delighted to be part of their programme (lots of other interesting, free walks talks films and art here I’m also taking part in their plenary session on zoom at 5.30 on Sunday if you fancy a chat

Heartfelt thanks as ever to all who walk the future with me however and wherever you are. May our desire lines become a path to better days

With love and golden apples

Morag x

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