The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Save Access to The River Irwell

Loiterers assemble please and help us save public rights to access the River Irwell. We're asking for 2 short emails to be sent...
Please help save a public right of way. New developments will close the towpath and privatise access, replacing it with permissive route without a waterside view that can be closed to the public at any time. DEADLINE 12 OCT
The area impacted may not be big but this space is significant. We stand a good chance of winning if act fast and show strength in numbers: objections to the planning application must be made by 12th October and to the stopping up order by 13th October. Things you might mention….
That we do NOT oppose the whole planning application but do not believe it should include closing a right of way. We call for the plans for this to be modified to continue to allow access to the river for all and we believe this is possible and important because
The Irwell is a public amenity and an integral part of Salford and Manchester’s heritage (The Irwell and Mersey Navigation Towpath dates from 1721 and the area around the former Mark Addy pub has lots of historical interest)
Closure contradicts Salford and Manchester commitments to green and blue infrastructure and active travel. The developers have expressed concerns about homeless people sleeping in the area; this is NOT an acceptable or human reason to close an area off
Loosing this section means a loss of potential of a fully connected walking / cycle route along the Irwell and we know now brilliant walking and cycling are. We should be improving and increasing access not loosing it. The seating area opposite Peoples History Museum is well used and well loved and has lots of potential
Please use your own words to send two emails
1)The planning application which necessitates the closure is 21/78277/FUL Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford (You MUST quote that ref) email details here deadline 12 Oct
2) The Stopping Up Order reference is NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804 email Deadline 13th Oct (cant find this online atm) Please let me know you have sent emails and spread the word to anyone who may be interested
Don and Gloria have been seeking legal advise and we think there is a very good chance of winning this. The fight has bigger significance than just this piece of land so please send a couple of emails. I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more, the best way to get me is to email or text/whatsapp 07974929589

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