The Loiterers Resistance Movement

November 2020 First Sunday

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

It’s first Sunday, this Sunday and so time for some psychogeography. This month our shenanigans also coincide with other celebrations too….Hallowe’en, Samhain, gothmas, Allhallowtide, whatever you call it we think there is a special weekend coming up, despite (because of?) all those times our everyday clothes were confused with fancy dress.

Therefore I think it’s time for an experiment…. A walk in your own time and then a coming together to share what we discover. Maybe this won’t work, and that’s OK, but I wanted to figure out something that included folk who can’t access the whatsapp conversation. We are still walking together alone, connecting through technology, and it still ain’t perfect but here is something which I hope all loiterers can enjoy whether you are  anti-social and enjoying hermitude or, like me, feeling a bit diminished and missing blether, revelations and the time to talk to each other.

Between now and whenever you like wander using this short script as your guide. Use it wherever you fancy, inside or out, but please remember to take care, observing your local Covid advice and respecting the space you are in as well as whoever you are sharing it with.

“Be still and pause for a moment. Now, focus on finding the magic in your everyday. Follow your nose or your heart or your imagination as you seek signs of enchantment and wonder. Interpret this as you will, whether you seek evidence of fairies, hauntings, alchemy or trickery it is up to you. How does the supernatural or unexplained permeate our world?”  

For those who want to share a spell of sociability through a screen there’s a zoom chat on Sunday 1st at 3pm and all are welcome. Please bring your own beverages, familiars, tricks or treats. Here’s the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 983 7421 1621  Passcode: =z1bNGER

Please make sure your screen name is recognisable or drop me a line to say you are coming so you don’t loiter in waiting room purgatory

Please do let me know if you go for a wander, even if you don’t want to join the zoom. Questions, comments and collaborations for future First Sundays are always gratefully received too. You can get in touch with me by email or twitter @thelrm or at the facebook group.

With love and golden apples


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