The Loiterers Resistance Movement

March First Sunday

First Sunday this Sunday and so time for a wander.... I've had a few requests for one of our occasional weeknight loiters as a some folk struggle with Sundays. There's also been several suggestions to explore places we haven't been to before and so the two combine to create March's event.

We will be venturing into the Arndale Centre chasm although as ever we will not be shopping (and depending on the spirit of the derive we may not stay under cover for long).

Please join us 6pm, Wednesday 6th March outside The Hidden Corner in the Arndale Centre (upper level near escalators to the food court: it isnt that well hidden).

if you are missing your fix today, or want to join at a distance, here's how you can join in at a time and place that suits your desire and needs:

Let your wander be guided by instinct and sense: follow your heart and your gut. If you do get stuck at a crossroads or junction stop for a while, observe, absorb and then move on – or if you are still unsure follow a non-human animal.

As was walk ponder one or both of these:

Look for boundaries and borders. Who is being kept out or in?

Follow food: smells, litter, signs. How do we consume the city and how does it consume us?

Please remember to take care and show respect both to yourself and others. Rest when you need to, stop when you wish. Please don’t spend any money for the duration of your derive

I would love it if you shared your adventures and any fieldnotes in some way – on our facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement” twitter (@thelrm) as a comment on the website or you can email or text/ whatsapp 07974929589

I wish you wonderful wanders. Please also do take note of those contact details, on occasion access to this site is limited but I am always happy to get questions, comments or ideas via any of the above.

with love and golden apples

Morag x

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