The Loiterers Resistance Movement

April First Sunday

FIRST SUNDAY THIS SUNDAY so its time for our monthly communal derive. We'll start 2pm at the memorial tree in Piccadilly Gardens and, in a first for us, the wander is inspired by last months wander.
We will be guided by an improved playing card method as it was so interesting the first time but several tweaks were suggested and have been incorporated...evolution in action on the streets! Fingers crossed this glorious Spring surge remains. As ever anyone and everyone is welcome and it is free to loiter. Please try to be on time as I can't promise you will be able to find us once we are walking as I have no idea where we are going!
Feel free to holler if you need more information - email @thelrm or call/ text 07974929589 We may be officially award winning now but each month is a new exploration and a unique map made by us as we find our way through the ever changing city x

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