The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Treasure Hunt Latest Clue and Recap

Here's the latest clue in our great Lonelady treasure hunt. Find a token and contact us to exchange it for a special limited edition 10 inch vinyl copy of The Street is Your Playground (free download here:

"Chtcheglov says you'll never see the building, It doesn’t exist, but the geese opposite disagree. They have never been bored in the city"

These clues have not been solved yet either and as far as I know the tokens are still where I left them: 

We used to play here when it was still a real field. Bingo Jesus watched over a place of parties, protest and sanctuary as we waited for the spaceships to arrive

This was a Stella Bench to go bushing

Sous Les Paves la Plage!
Souse la page le jeton!

We were born near this island, but fire, flood and the escalating cost of a pint mean we can never go home

Take a Peep into time

This clue HAS been solved - the token was on Ardwick Green:  That isn’t a meteorite but I can see Dolphins

The next clue will be released on Saturday

Happy Hunting everyone!


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