The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Sunday 11th November walk

The walk on Sunday 11 will start 3pm at the Engels statue outside Home, still waiting for detailed instructions from our comrades at STEP in NYC but they tell me it will be a search for Utopia...

We'll be back to our self-guided, self-paced random wanderings here after the performance tour (photos of that online soon). As ever, all events free and everyone welcome. I'm still collecting socks and sanitary items to pass on, will be taking them sometime next week. I know a few people forgot last time but any donations are much appreciated. I feel the We Shall Overcome ethos of solidarity and mutual aid; a raised fist and a helping hand and a celebration of culture, really matter. Psychogeograhy is many things, but surely above all it must be political, engaged and active to be worthwhile.

Hope to see you on the streets soon


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