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Save Access To Our River Irwell

Save Access To Our River Irwell

We are fighting to save the public right of way along the Salford side of River Irwell at Ralli Quays. Access is threatened by the development of new offices and a hotel which will effectively enclose and privatise the path. The alternative route provided is a permissive path through the Ralli Quays development. This has no view of the water and could be removed at any time. We have less than a week to save access to our Irwell.

Reasons to object

We oppose these plans for a number of reasons including (but not limited to)

  • We believe the right to walk along the Irwell is a fundamental right and we assert the value of public space. It should not be sacrificed for private gain.
  • The space is well used and highly valued, for example the benches opposite the People’s History Museum are frequently used by a wide range of people for different reasons including respite, socialising, picnicking and more.
  • The route has a huge amount of potential for improvement and if we loose this stretch we loose the possibility of a walking and cycling path from Manchester city centre to Salford Quays and potentially beyond to Liverpool.
  • The Irwell, and the Irwell and Mersey Navigation, are of huge historic importance to both Manchester and Salford, they are sites of special significance and relevance to the development of our cities. The area is rich in Industrial Archaeology.
  • Concerns around homeless people using the area to sleep is not a valid reasons to remove a right of way, we need a humane and holistic approach to homelessness and social care.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced how important public space, and access to local amenities for walking, are for people, especially in areas where there are high percentage of flats without private gardens.
  • There is a wealth of research into the physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of walking and active travel. We should be increasing access and promoting walking, not restricting it.
  • This restriction and removal of a path is counter to a number of local and national policies which promote green and blue space, active travel and pedestrian rights

How to object

We are asking people to send two emails, one to Salford Council to modify the planning application and one to The Department of Transport to oppose the Stopping Up order. We need both because the two applications are interlinked. You must send them before the deadlines stated.

These emails don’t have to be long. Please include the points which matter most to you. It is better if you use your own words.  Please make sure you include your name and address and the correct reference number and let us know when you have sent your emails

  1. To Salford Council to ask for modifications of the planning application. We do not want to scrap the whole development but believe that removing the right of way is not necessary and changes should be made to the design to retain full public access
    Reference Number: 21/78277/FUL Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford
    email details here
    You can also comment via the Planning Portal if you are registered.
    Deadline 12 October 2021

  2. To the Department of Transport to object to the Stopping Up Order which is the legal power that will be used to remove the right of way
    The Stopping Up Order reference is NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804
    Deadline 13th October 2021

For more information please contact
Dr Morag Rose email twitter @thelrm SMS/Text/Whatsapp 07974929589

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