The Loiterers Resistance Movement

October 2021 First Sunday

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in last month’s wander, whether you were with us on the streets or online it felt very special. Its First Sunday again this Sunday and so we shall be gathering again for a derive inspired by the Autumn light, wild brambles and the smell of pencil sharpenings.

The in person meeting point will be in Stockport as requested by various folk, and once again we will experimenting with a walk that is both in person and remote/ virtual, trying to ensure loiterers can stay connected wherever you are, inside or out, together and alone.

I will share a script / prompt here on Sunday for you to interpret as you fancy and you can share your journey in the following ways

  1. Walk with The LRM on Sunday 3rd October, meet 1.45 for a 2pm in Stockport outside the Plaza, Mersey Square, SK1 1SP
  2. Talk with The LRM, join this month’s private whatsapp group to chat and exchange pictures. To be part of this conversation please text/email/whatsapp your number to the contact details below by 12 noon on Sunday
  3. Share with us on  social media whenever you want, we love to learn how you used prompts and what you found where you are. Twitter @thelrm #LRM2021 or facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”

However you choose to loiter please remember to take care of yourself, everyone you share space with and the environment.

Please do get in touch if you need more information, ideas for collaboration and new places and ways to walk are always welcome as are thoughts on how to improve access and any other comments. Email tweet @thelrm or sms/whatsapp 07974929589

With love and golden apples

Morag x


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