The Loiterers Resistance Movement

March 2021 First Sunday

Apologies for a retrospective post; for some reason I could not access the website last week. As ever, please email text/ whatsapp 07974929589 or check twitter @thelrm if news does not appear here. And if anyone fancies helping sort this website out please do let me know

Dear friends, lovers and loiterers
Its First Sunday, this Sunday, 7th March.
It’s also a year since the last time we walked together in the physical world and gosh how I have missed that sensation. However, we are still able to walk together, alone, and the distance means we can build connections across wider areas. I hope we can retain some of this when we are able to be together again in Manchester, of course I can not say when that will be, time plays tricks, but I keep everything crossed it will be soon.
This weekend will be another experiment, inspired by feedback from those who prefer asynchronous walks or feel a bit overwhelmed by whatsapp. This means the instructions are here for you now and you can use them whenever, wherever, however you like.
For those who want to share and have a chat there will be a zoom meeting at 3pm this Sunday, 7th March, where we can discuss your walks and anything else you fancy talking about.
Here is the script to follow, please interpret however you wish but remember to take care of yourself, others and the environment you walk through.
Start wherever you like and head in the opposite direction to the one you would usually choose.
Try to head in the straightest line you can, until you can’t or you fancy a change of direction.
Look for the following things whilst you are wandering:
Something shiny
Something strange
Something ancient
Something new
Something that makes you think of someone you love
Something precious
Something you don’t like
Something that gives you hope for the future
After your walk, sit down, have a drink and make a map of where you went. It could be a map made of words or drawings or photos or artefacts or feelings or something else. It would be splendid if you shared it (email / tweet @thelrm / text or whatsapp 07974929589 / facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”) but of course you are welcome regardless.
Wherever you are may you go well and find wonderful moments in these dark times
Love and solidarity
Morag xxx

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