The Loiterers Resistance Movement

First Sunday April 2022 update...

Good morning everyone

A quick reminder that it’s a time travelling First Sunday this month…

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday 6th April at Lincoln Square, Manchester, or online via WhatsApp. All are welcome to wander with us, our direction will be determined by the collective

If you do fancy a derive today I suggest a return to an old favourite. Start where you are. Walk in the direction you know less well or – if it is all too familiar at least try to break a habit by using the other side of the road, walking more slowly or focusing on sound or smell. Find a coin or token or online equivalent and toss when you reach a corner, crossroads or junction. Heads left, tails right if there’s just one choice, otherwise flip again and two heads forward, two tails back, head then tails stand still for a bit and feel the flow, tails then heads follow your heart.  

To join the whatsapp group for Wednesday, or for any questions, comments or ideas for future adventures in time and space please email tweet @thelrm or text / whatsapp 07974929589

With love and golden apples

Morag xxx

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