The Loiterers Resistance Movement

April 2022 First Sunday: It's on Wednesday

Dear loiterers

Its First Sunday, This Sunday and so time for some communal wanderings. Apologies this notification is a bit later than normal; I always try to share derive details on a Thursday. However time has been playing strange tricks recently….. It’s perhaps fitting then that, due to various circumstances not all in our control, we shall be temporarily shifting from to one of our occasional not-on-a-Sunday First Sunday.

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday 6th April at Lincoln Square, Manchester, or online via WhatsApp. I’ll share the prompts Sunday morning for those who just can’t wait. All are welcome to wander with us, our direction will be determined by everyone who walks with us.

To join the whatsapp group, or for any questions, comments or ideas for future adventures in time and space please email tweet @thelrm or text / whatsapp 07974929589

With love and golden apples

Morag xxx

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