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A Sunday Treat: The LoneLady Treasure Hunt recap

This has been a truly remarkable year for Loitering and one of my personal highlights was the thrill of collaborating with the wonderful LoneLady on The Psychogeographical Sat Nav. You can hear The Street is Your Playground (LRM Mix) A Psychogeographical Sat Nav by LoneLady featuring The LRM on Soundcloud here 

I am somewhat discombobulated that there are still SIX copies of the ten inch single unclaimed, as the treasure hunt may have been a bit trickier than I imagined. Below is an update on which tokens have been found and where (which may help understand my thought process a bit). No more clues because, well, its all in the clue.

1  "We used to play here when it was still a real field. Bingo Jesus watched over a place of parties, protest and sanctuary as we waiting for the spaceships to arrive"  NOT FOUND

2 “That isn’t a meteorite but I can see dolphins” FOUND by Paul Hazelhurst on Ardwick Green

3  "This was a Stella Bench to go bushing" NOT FOUND
4  "Sous les paves, la plage  Sous la plage, le jeton!"  LOST This was on the floor at People’s History Museum, beneath the shelf with an installation labelled (and illustrating) the Situationist slogan “Sous Les Paves, La Plage” or “Under the Pavement, The Beach” It had to be taken out when the exhibition closed, we have yet to decide what to do with unclaimed records

5  "We were born near this island, but fire, flood and the escalating cost of a pint mean we can never go home" NOT FOUND
6  "Take a peep into time"  FOUND by Nick Dunn in Ancoats near one of Dan Dubowitz’s Peeps 

7  "Chtcheglov says you'll never see the building, it doesn't exist, but the geese opposite disagree. They have never been bored in the city" NOT FOUND

8  "get wisdom and with all thy wisdom get understanding. Next door you can make some noise so get between the covers with our Folk" NOT FOUND

9  “Ella Ella Ella eh eh. It’s a right of way” NOT FOUND

10  “Shhhh, The city has dreams, memories, hopes, secrets. Sometimes they take shape. Remember the Princess of Hearts and the people's struggle against slavery (it ain't over yet)” FOUND by Hannah Berry in the Princess Diana Memorial, Lincoln Square

NB I have not retraced my footsteps so can only assume tokens are where I left them, the rules of the game are here:!

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